Environmental Policy

Orbit Group Cleaning is one of Western Australia’s leading commercial cleaning Organization, recognising environmental management within most of its policies, procedures and operations. Our organization is committed to understanding factors which effect the environment through the careful selection and use of biodegradable products, disinfectants and ensures this is an ongoing priority when conducting business.

  • Through Orbit Groups Cleaning quality control procedures, staff through their respective area Managers will ensure the proper administering, procurement, storage, and handling of all chemicals they come in contact with.
  • Through continually servicing and maintaining all equipment regularly and providing new machinery where applicable, Orbit Group minimises any additional environmental risks to its employees and the community.
  • Orbit Group uses environmentally sensitive wastewater disposal practices through proper disposal and recycling of products in their respective containers.
  • Identifying areas through correct training, monitoring and supervision of all staff, including the handling of cleaning products.
  • Incidents that have the potential to impact adversely on the environment will be investigated with a view to eliminating or reducing the likelihood of recurrence.
  • Resource conservation, including energy and water use.