Quality Assurance Policy

Orbit Group has developed a quality assurance program with SAI Global and is accredited under ISO 9001: 2008

The Quality System adopted by Orbit Group is an expression of our commitment to the concept of total Quality Management that facilitates a system of effective and efficient way of meeting our goals. Our Quality system ensure that all company activities are carried out in a planned and systematic manner, thus ensuring the prevention rather than the detection of non – conformance.

The adoption of the Company’s Quality Management System is a strategic decision of the Company. Our aim is to strive towards continuous quality improvement in all our activities in order to maintain our competitive advantage. In order to achieve our aim, Orbit Group Cleaning is committed

  • To strive and serve in an extraordinary manner by not only achieving but exceeding customers expectation
  • To continually improve the quality and effectiveness of our management through the selection, development, encouragement and contribution of our people.
  • To seek out market opportunities and to encourage and stimulate new business growth as well as profit growth
  • To achieve growth in return on investment through efficient utilization of resources, constant surveillance of operations and strict financial controls.
  • To pursue excellence in human relations with employees as well as our clients and to ensure integrity is never compromised.