Commercial & Industrial Cleaning in Perth

Orbit Group is a trustworthy, commercial and industrial cleaning company with more than 22 years of experience in providing quality commercial cleaning in Perth. Our office cleaners in Perth carefully examine the property and then develop the most suitable strategic plan for your industrial cleaning needs. Our company has modern commercial cleaner tools to complete the end to end cleaning processes.

Strata Cleaning

This includes both commercial and residential buildings and can include any of the following :

  • Common-areas cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Pool Care

Medical Centre Cleaning

Cleaning medical facilities is a very specialised service. There are few widely practiced and recommended janitorial procedures for cleaning medical facilities to prevent the number of people inflicted with hospital-acquired illnesses.Orbit Group specialises in servicing all kinds of medical facilities.

A range of specialised anti-bacterial products are used for sanitising premises.


We are confident our services at your facility will always meet the cleaning standards you have set for your institution because we strongly feel that for a good learning environment one needs good cleanliness.

Our service includes our commitment to keeping the classrooms and restrooms clean and to ensuring your schools are safe and comfortable places for students to learn. Our Total Quality approach to cleaning educational facilities ensures that your buildings will get a complete and efficient commercial cleaning service every time.

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment in Schools

  • Reduce instances of illness and absenteeism due to unhealthy or unclean school environment
  • Improves parents, teachers, staff and visitors view about the facility and overall the school perception.
  • Contributes to a better student learning experience

All our staff undergo national police checks and working-with-children checks.

Industries & Warehouse

We have handled the needs of dozens of industrial based businesses. From transportation hubs to power stations, we have the ability to provide you with specialised services you require in your business in Perth WA.

Automotive Dealership

Our industry is very similar to automotive business in many ways. Both rely on creating good first impressions. Both depend on the quality of its associates.  And both have reputations that requires them to consistently deliver high quality customer service in Perth WA.

Church & Religious Places

Orbit Group understands that places of worship are very special environments with their own unique set of maintenance requirements. That is why Orbit Group management and staff receive extra training on the specific needs of each of the churches we maintain.


Many of our clients require the cleaning of their retail shops, showrooms, factories or warehouses in addition to their office cleaning. Orbit Commercial Cleaning Services is experienced in providing cleaning solutions to many different environments. This can includes consulting areas, sale floors, canteen/rest areas, workshops, toilet/shower areas and first aid rooms. In addition, every premise is different and we are delighted to recommend and estimate solutions to any cleaning issue you may have.

Aged Care

Orbit Group provides conscientious cleaning to all aged care facilities and we are always looking at new equipment and specialised training for this specific environment. The uniqueness of these areas sometimes requires immediate action and attention to detail for which Orbit is well known.



Orbit sets the standard in delivering quality cleaning within the hospital environment. We offer emergency cleaning and consultancy work, tailored to the varied nature of the hospital sector in Perth WA. We deliver 100% best practice cleaning every time.

We also provide common area cleaning for Hotels & Cafes.